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Serpentine Entanglement

musings of a parallaxed mind

Eerie Lunarose
The creepy moon rose dwells here.

Caveat lector:

Eerie loves her friends. Don't mess with them.

Eerie is not apt to frequent other journals and comms but is trying to improve at this.
12th night, abandoned buildings, ancient egypt, androgyny, anime, anime conventions, anti-smoking, art, bjd, books, british museum, britspeak, bubblegum crisis tokyo 2040, cafes, caffeine, cats, chaotic neutral, cheese, cho hakkai, coffee, coffee culture, coldplay, cooking, cosplay, costuming, cyberpunk, cybil bennett, dark fantasy, david gaider, dean koontz, doujinshi, dragon age origins, drawing, edgar allan poe, edward gorey, egyptology, elfdoll, english literature, engrish, event planning, fandom, fandom conventions, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy art, firefly, foggy days, french, frogs, gensomaden saiyuki, ghostbusters, groundhog day, harry mason, henry townshend, high fantasy, horror, humphrey bogart, ishida akira, james sunderland, japanese, jesters, karaoke, katamari damacy, last unicorn, left 4 dead, librarians, libraries, literature, lord of the rings, magic the gathering, manga, mazoku, medieval, mirrormask, modern fantasy, mummies alive, nanowrimo, nene thomas, novels, online comics, open source, palindromes, piglet, pirates, pizza, poetry, portal, portal 2, punk, quirkyalone, reading, regionia, renaissance, revolutionary girl utena, road trips, role playing, rpgs, science fiction, serenity, shakespeare, shareware, shoujo kakumei utena, silent hill, singing, sketching, slayers, small fandoms, stonehenge, survival horror, tangiball, the last unicorn, tilda swinton, tolkien, toluca lake, tricksters, trigun, twelfth night, twisted fates, unicorns, urban decay, web comics, wheatley, writing, xelloss, zeruis tallismal