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Contacts for Wheatley
Compression shirt for in general
Shoes to wear over Sandman feets
Lighted stuffs for Sandman

Four days in Orlando, Florida, with my sister. Just us two crazies.

Islands of Adventure.
Universal Studios.
Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2012.
With The Walking Dead.
With Silent Hill.
Pirates Dinner Adventure.
CSI/Star Trek Exhibits.

Very. Awesome. SO GLAD I WENT!

:D :D :D

Why Abby Sciuto is not a Manic Pixie Dream Girl
Abby Sciuto is the perky goth Forensics Specialist of the crime show NCIS. And my brother in law recently accused her of being nothing more than a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. I hadn't even heard this trope before, so I researched it. I'm happy to say that now that I understand what the heck the Manic Pixie Dream Girl is and what her function is in a work of film or fiction... Abby Sciuto is not a Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Is she an unrealistic character? Yes. Definitely. She is really bizarre and wacky and joyful and she has a very strange past. But is she, in fact, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope? No.

Invoking this trope with Abby implies that her character's primary function within a show or movie is to rejuvenate a male character and teach him the joy of life again. She had a romantic interlude with Agent McGee, but the nature of that is nothing like that used with the Manic Pixie Dream Girl- theirs is more a geek buddies romance than an attempt to use Abby's character to brighten up some Gloomy Gus. And while Special Agent Gibbs' relationship with Abby is definitely one of the ways we actually get to see him have softer emotions, she is neither the only way this happens in the show nor is this her primary function as a character in terms of the show. Likewise, rejuvenating the character of Gibbs or showing him the joy of life again... basically doesn't happen.

As weird as she admittedly is in all her trappings, Abby's role in the team as a forensics specialist is utilized in every episode. And oddly enough I find her work very interesting, much more so in fact than most of the activities the rest of them end up doing as they are actually shown to be working in the show- the banter makes all the difference with all of them, but Abby's work seems much more intelligent and she always seems to find interesting ways of getting what she needs off of the evidence she's brought. I'm sure forensics is actually very boring work compared to the way we get it through the lens of Abby. Making Abby outlandish and fun as a character does serve to make her work seem interesting when it could have undoubtably been very, very boring to show all the time if delivered by a more straight-laced character in conservative attire.

She's also shown as being more than able to take care of herself upon occasion, such as when her new assistant turns out to be a psycho and she gets the upper hand on him. She's been given moral dilemmas. She has a backstory. She is always shown as having a life outside of work that has nothing to do with the other primary characters- more than some of the others, in fact. She has her own problems and unlike Manic Pixie Dream Girl is not always joyful. Most of the time, sure. But not always. I would also like to say have known real people who are as cheerful as Abby. Being goth or alternative in the way you dress also does not preclude this cheerfulness- I've seen it happen. So improbable character? Yes. But not impossible, and she's quite enjoyable to watch.

She's also not out of place in a cast full of almost equally improbable characters: a superhacker who is also a multi-book published fiction author, a knockout Israeli assassin, a sourpuss ex-sniper with the ghosts of a dead wife and daughter in his closet, and a chipper older gentleman who despite cutting up dead bodies for a living is perfectly charming if a bit too talkative. The defense rests. ^_^

Going to Florida in October!!!
Horror Nights at Universal Studios with my sister along with a Silent Hill house and Walking Dead house and Walking Dead tram, so awesome whooooo!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY!

Presto Chango!
If I were a shapeshifter for one day, who would I embody and what would I do?

HAHAHA, I'd go to a fandom convention of course, and embody whichever characters I wanted to play, particularly ones that I don't look anything like! Best. Cosplay. Day. Ever.


That is all.

Apparently I have not checked my Journals...
Since the beginning of December. Curse you, Facebook games, and everything else that kept me from being on here at least a little. Hm, I just cursed myself...

It has been a very strange month for me. It went by so fast, too. I am usually very good about making updates in January and the start of February, because of making plans and resolutions and such. That... didn't happen. But! I have been taking care of some things that needed taking care of, so that is good.

BPAL: I have some new BPAL scents from, like, the beginning of December that I should post up something about. I ordered a bottle of Black Dahlia before it went DC and since I was ordering I got a few other things too... hopefully I'll have time to put up some little notes reviewing them soon. I really wish that the perfumery market would stop pulling craziness on me. The amount of things that have been discontinued from Black Phoenix is disturbing. Major suppliers of essential oil blends must be folding left and right. I don't like it. It should stop. That said, my love-hate relationship to the Lab has kept me from doing anything with it since then but... there are a whole bunch of new scents up. Stupid Singles Misery Day, argh... hehe. What am I saying? The Lab posts up a trillion new scents for every major holiday. XD

WRITING: Deep into writing massive amounts of Dragon Age: Origins-related insanity. My own writing hasn't happened since the tiny tiny bit I did in December, and not meaningfully since this past November. I need to get back into it.

READING: Currently reading Urban Shaman by C.E. Murphy, Dreadnought by Cherie Priest, and All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot. I'm furthest in Urban Shaman and I hope to finish it up really soon because I've passed the Point of No Return in it. Plus, it's a really fun read... and it is borrowed- THANKS SHANNON! Need to finish and return. Returned!

MOVIES: Movies not in theaters I should watch that I do not own: Shutter Island, Killers, Knight and Day, Clash of the Titans, The Runaways, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Idiocracy.... lots of other stuff I can't think of right now. I just recently watched the original True Grit with John Wayne for the first time. Not bad. Makes me want to see the new one. I am in the midst of Doctor Who (the first season of the new ones) and need to finish up the Buffy watching with Season 7. I want to see Megamind again, because I love it. He's blue and SNAZZY!

Anywho, I dunno, that's my odd assortment of current stuff occurring to my brain to post right now. Hopefully I'll actually start to make this journal function like I was wanting it to soon.

Back from Aki Con
The less said about it the better, probably, on the whole. Of course, the company was good for the most part, definitely all the people who were actually in my room there, and some old faves. Blue Bow Space is amazing, also. The con itself, however, was a lot of fail. Schedule was awful. Not enough programming, when there was it was pretty much all run back to back with no setup or takedown times built into things. Could have been thought through a little better. Kinda glad I didn't bust my kazoo doing all the costumes I had originally planned to, for this con. Also, the free stage space? And the way the lines for autograph panels got run in -front- of artist alley tables? Fail.

And on a separate, random note, I have started to wish that LJ had a "like" button the way Facebook does. I so want to be able to "like" people's LJ comments.

There are certain things...
... that I find I want to blog about at times, recently as well, but which I don't know if people would dislike to read or possibly even be offended by etc. Plus, I would like to keep the name Eerie Lunarose relating to the more purely creative and whimsical side of me, things having to do with hobbies and interests that involve creative pursuits: literature, art, music, perfumes, dolls, costumes, etc etc.

In light of this, here is the decision I have come to: I am opening an LJ account under my real name as well, and in the future you can expect pretty much all the real-world stuff (at least any that doesn't relate directly to working one hour photo, since that stuff already has a home at htownshend302) to go there, so friend that journal of mine if you want, and do comment to be added if you want to read all the nitty gritty stuff or be allowed to post comments to entries there, but be warned that I will be touching on some of the more touchy subjects and/or serious issues with which I am concerned from time to time, as well as any life rants.

So yeah, that's what I've ultimately decided to do about that. Consider yourselves forewarned... and now, being as this is officially the creative/fun journal, on with the fun and creativeness! (Also, NaNoWriMo approaches and since this is the creative journal, NaNo updates will still largely go here.)

I aspire to...
* Be more and more the sort of person that other people will be drawn to: kind, caring, respectful, loyal, joyous, at peace with myself and others, but all without ever compromising my principles. With as introverted as I have been most of my life, I don't think I could have the friends I do have unless I had some degree of these qualities to start with, and so I will seek to increase them in any way I can.

* Expel toxic people from my sphere of existence, and bring closer people who inspire me, upbuild me, and push me to be the best possible version of myself, the version that I want most to be.

* Do more of the things that I dream of doing, as opposed to only dreaming about them. I would like to bring my mental reality and my physical reality somewhat closer together, and for this I will need self-discipline, which is one thing that I currently lack. With enough determination, I believe I can do this.

* Share more with others. Thoughts, photos, etc, on the internet, talk more with others in person, all of that... It's always been hard for me to do this, though I have the desire, because it takes effort, and for me, a lot of times it takes more effort than it does for some, for the fact that I am introverted and have been largely externally validated.

Some things to work on. Without things to work on, the world would be a boring place, right?

Considering... Thoughtsness...
I don't think anyone besides me cares, but I need to write this out to think it through. I am considering clearing out, or perhaps private locking because that might be easier, most of the older entries in my LJ soon, seeing as there is very little on here that still applies to me which isn't just, like, a list. And changing the nature of this journal in order to use it for real updates on stuff which actually updates pointfully/as a slightly more public blog for my creative non-writing work, instead of whatever random crap and/or rants I decide should be posted here on my whim.

I'm thinking of moving my lists o' stuff to a personal section of my actual website, when I have the backbone of said website accomplished, so that that way they can still be accessed easily by me/easily handed out a link to if it would be needed. (This would be stuff like BPAL list, wish list, doll and doujinshi type things, etc.)

I am also thinking that I may start to actually keep a friendslocked creative writing journal for poetry and for fanfics (yeah, right, like anything would ever go up there or at least woudl go up there and actually get finished)... but we'll see how that goes.


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